The Future for SIRIM

SIRIM is making brave landmark reforms to empower the company, businesses and the nation as whole.

Moving forward, SIRIM will continue to provide training to public and private organisations in additive manufacturing, AI, IoT, blockchain, cloud computing and big data analytics through SIRIM IR and its subsidiary SIRIM STS.

Ahmad Sabirin also reveals that a new project is in the works with the Malaysian Wood Moulding and Joinery Council to integrate "Deep Learning", autonomous robots and big data into colour and wood defect inspection.

"SIRIM plays a crucial role in ensuring that vaccines used in Malaysia meet international safety, efficacy and manufacturing standards," says Ahmad Sabirin. He further reveals that SIRIM's Industrial Biotechnology Research Centre will soon partner with relevant agencies to offer testing and validation as part of the supply chain in vaccine development.

"SIRIM's goal aligns with the government's aspirations to increase productivity and higher value-added activities driven by technology. I am confident that together, we can capture the growing opportunities in Industry 4.0 to ensure the long-term prosperity of Malaysia's economy," Ahmad Sabirin affirms.